Use this method to minimize fear and embrace something new!

How much time have you spent thinking about your comfort zones? Yes, that’s zones — with an “s.” We all have comfort zones that pertain to many aspects of our life, such as physical activities (i.e. sports and personal physical challenges), business and career, and mental and spiritual activities (i.e. learning and experimenting with mind expansion techniques, etc.). We usually have a pretty good idea of our limitations. 

However, it turns out that our comfort zones are elastic, and when we attempt to stretch them, they grow and never return to their previous limits unless fear takes over. (And the good news is that you can stop fear from taking over by actively working to expand your comfort zone). 

Here is the three-step method I’ve used to expand my comfort zone, and I am confident that it will work for you too.

Steps to Expand your Comfort Zone when Starting a Business (or doing ANYTHING new)

  1. Write down everything you know, want, or have that has anything to do with your initial business idea.
  2. Develop a list of resources that you will need to accomplish your goal. 
  3. Create and work toward a list of goals or milestones.

Step One:  Write Down Everything You Know to Identify What you Don’t

When thinking about doing something that you’ve never done before, such as starting a business for the first time, your current comfort zone will identify all the things you don’t know that you don’t know. At first, this seems scary, and many people stop here. However, this actually turns out to be a helpful tool if you push forward with your ideas. This is why it’s a good idea to begin the process of starting a new business — or really doing ANYTHING new — by writing down everything that you do know, want or have that has anything to do with your initial idea. As you identify the things that you don’t know, your initial idea will change. This is the first part of stretching your comfort zone. You know more than you did previously — and the unknowns are shrinking.

Step Two: Identify a List of Resources You Need to Accomplish Your Goals

When you develop your list of all the resources that you will need to accomplish your goals, the pain associated with the unknowns is also shrinking, and maybe even changing to excitement. You have grown your comfort zone, and the next time that you start the process of creating a new business, your baseline will be quite different, and the whole process will be easier and more satisfying.

Step Three: Create and Work Toward a List of Goals or Milestones

With each milestone or goal achieved, your comfort zone will grow. Now, you’ll be ready to continue the process with other areas of your life, and the results will be similar. Have you ever thought about going after that degree or certification that you’ve always wanted? The same rules apply. You don’t know what you don’t know about what this commitment really means, but as you start the process of discovery, you will learn about all the resources needed and the skills that you bring to the table. 

When you follow this three-step process, the mystery shrinks and the understanding grows. Soon you’ll be on your next goal journey with confidence and an expanded comfort zone. You will find yourself growing and able to achieve new goals in all areas of your life.

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