Business Beyond Numbers

Microspaces: Transforming Empty Space into Opportunity Across NWI!

A Presentation of Business Beyond Numbers by Greencow

What is a Microspace?

A Microspace is a public or private space that is not in use but is easily usable. For example, our pilot Microspace is comprised of four walls in a small cafe/crafting space. A Microspace might be unused office space, a room in a church used only once per week, a dining room in a bar that hasn’t been opened due to short staffing, a shop’s unused storage room, or a 4 seasons room of a private home. Feel free to use your imagination!


While our pilot Microspace is a MicroMarket, we’re working to develop Micro Co-Working, Micro-Performance Space, etc. The sky is the limit!

Artists, Crafters, & Small-Businesses Selling Products

Whether you have 2 items or 200, you can sell on consignment with Microspaces and you’ll pay no vendor fee! Microspaces are perfect for artists and crafters who have never attempted to sell their creations AND those who have been featured in solo shows for decades. The Microspace sells your items, collects tax, and provides you with your payout plus a bill of sale. When you participate in Microspaces, you also receive FREE support from Business Beyond Numbers designed to help you grow your business and maintain positive life balance.

Service Providers

Become a sponsor and/or a workshop facilitator. Sponsors pay a monthly fee to advertise in our Microspaces. They are featured on digital and print advertising. Workshop facilitators conduct classes in our spaces on everything from crafting to meditation to cooking to fitness to parenting. Whether you are a seasoned facilitator or you want to try your hand at teaching something you love, we’d love to have you! We help you market and plan your classes, and you pay no up-front fee, only a revenue share on ticket sales.

Space Owners

Do you want to drive more traffic to your space? Are you interested in building positive relationships with other business owners across Chicagoland? Do you have a room, corner, wall, or shelf of free space? When you become a Microspace, you let us manage the details — vendor contracts, space planning, marketing — we manage, guide, advise, and support, plus provide you with thousands of dollars in FREE business advising services/materials.

Drive Business. Build Community.

Sell Your Products & Share Your Expertise with NO Vendor Fee

Get Advising & Support from Seasoned Business Consultants

Meet Potential Partners & Collaborators

Test New Ideas

Access Event, Work, & Market Space with Minimal Risk and NO Commitment or Up-Front Cost

Lee, Miranda, & Edith plan NWI’s first Microspace.

Help Us Launch!