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We offer advising programs, ad-hoc advising sessions, weekly/monthly coaching and accountability plans, eLearning and in-person courses, and hands-on consulting options.

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*NEW* Profit Sharing Program

If you are ready to get your business on track for success with business beyond numbers, reserve your spot in our Profit Sharing Program today!

What you’ll get:

  • Expert help identifying, clarifying, and setting financial goals for your business
  • Specific milestones and step-by-step guidance to meet those milestones
  • Continual Guidance and Accountability throughout the duration of the program, tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Access to our Business Beyond Numbers Profit-Sharing Community Access Group where you will have access to even more resources as well as be able to network with other participants in our Profit-Sharing Program

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We believe in balance and success.

Achieve a better quality of life for yourself and/or your employees by learning to balance your professional success with your interests, hobbies, and sense of adventure. Attain both business/professional and spiritual fulfillment by learning how to incorporate positive traits into your professional and personal lives. Make a bigger impact on your community and the world while achieving business success by altering your goals and operations. Our custom advising programs are designed to help you design or grow a business you love. Whether you’re just starting out in business, are wanting to scale your business, or are already running a large corporation- our services are custom-tailored to bring your goals to fruition. No business is too big or too small!

Areas of Advising

  • Business planning that considers both feasibility and how to turn your idea into a business will impact your life and the lives of others.
  • Personal branding and networking, including access to referrals from trusted professionals.
  • Technology, copywriting, and web design to enhance your personal brand.
  • Goal setting, mindfulness, and strategic planning.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Services

We assist both large and small businesses in their recruitment and talent acquisition process. Whether you are looking for a one-time advising session (in person or phone/zoom), or you need us to manage an entire recruitment lifecycle, or anything in between- we’ve got you covered.

Real Estate Investments, Sales, and Construction

With over thirty years of real estate experience, we provide financial consulting to equip both buyers and sellers with the knowledge they need so that they can make solid investments. We can assist you in all areas of real estate including budgeting, physical maintenance (including rehab and management of older buildings), and property management.

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