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We help businesses & professionals achieve sustainability & success by guiding them to establish positive habits, attain consistency, & prioritize balances.

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Are you a crafter who doesn’t have enough items to rationalize booth rental at a vendor show? Do you have a business with a room, wall, or office that isn’t being used? Business Beyond Numbers is on a mission to help businesses and professionals attain sustainability and success — and we’re starting that through the Microspaces project!


Achieve a better quality of life by learning to balance your professional success with your interests, hobbies, and sense of adventure. Attain both business/professional and spiritual fulfilment by learning how to incorporate positive traits into your professional and personal lives. Make a bigger impact on your community and world while achieving business success by altering your goals and operations. Our custom advising programs are designed to help you design or grow a business you love.

Areas of Advising

  • Business planning that considers both feasibility and how to turn your idea into a business will impact your life and the lives of others.
  • Personal branding and networking, including access to referrals from trusted professionals.
  • Technology, copywriting, and web design to enhance your personal brand.
  • Goal setting, mindfulness, and strategic planning.

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Current Projects

In addition to our Microspaces project, we are currently working with clients to start businesses in audiobook narrating, coaching, and advising. Please check back later for a gallery of our recent projects!

Materials & Publications

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What our Clients Say

Thank you for inspiring me to put my writing group on Zoom so I don’t have to postpone it. Your meetings are helpful. – S.C. – Teacher & Writer

The community feel is so strong, and it has helped me create strong business connections and find new clients faster than ever before. – M.M. – Health Coach

About Lee

With a passion for adventure, Lee has dedicated the past 40 years to founding and growing several companies. His business ventures have spanned construction, real estate, property management, and technology. He has also acted as an adviser in various capacities, consulting with housing municipalities, serving on non-profit and community boards, and assisting entrepreneurs and small-business owners. As an airplane pilot, scuba diver, motorcycle racer, Merchant Marine Sailboat Captain, musician, traveler, and an active participant in life, he has experienced many cultures, amazing beauty, and heartbreaking world abuses of people and nature. These experiences have led him to focus his life and career on helping others along their own journeys. Lee’s current ventures focus on applying the virtues to business. Lee holds and MBA from Purdue University Northwest, as well as other degrees and certifications. He is currently pursuing certification as a facilitator of the Virtues Project.

About Miranda

Miranda is a poet, former professor, and personal branding expert who spent 10 years teaching classes, directing programs, and conducting research in higher education while managing a small copywriting business as a side-gig. Although she specialized in small-business journalism, Miranda’s company was hired by a startup resume-writing organization. She quickly realized she had an affinity and passion for resume writing and career coaching and pivoted both her academic writing and small business to focus on personal branding. In 2019, Miranda left the classroom to focus on career coaching and development. She is a single parent of 3 performing arts kids who can sometimes be persuaded on stage herself. Miranda holds an MA in English and a BA in Political Science, International Relations, and English. She is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

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