Business Beyond Numbers

Business Beyond Numbers

We help businesses and professionals achieve sustainability and success by guiding them to establish positive habits, attain consistency, and prioritize balance.


We guide businesses, professionals, soloprenuers, and others to…

Develop & Achieve Goals

Improve Work / Life Balance

Work More Effectively

Create Sustainable Business Plans

Tell their Stories

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Advising & Strategy

  • Achieve a better quality of life by learning to balance your professional success with your interests, hobbies, and sense of adventure
  • Improve the quality of your work and service to others by learning to incorporate virtues into your business, profession, and personal life
  • Achieve both business / professional and spiritual fulfillment by learning how to alter your lifestyle
  • Make a bigger impact on your community and world while achieving business success by altering your goals and operations

Planning & Storytelling

  • Bolster your business success and your quality of life by working with us to create a business plan that considers both business feasibility and how turning your idea into your business will impact your life and the lives of others.
  • Gain funding and a better sense of direction with our custom busines splans or business plan coaching.
  • Help others to understand your brand by telling your story with our branding advising and support.
  • Develop a supportive and strategic relationship between your business and personal brands.
  • Let us refer you to trusted professionals and pro-team members for specialized work.

Education & Learning

  • Achieve your business, professional, and personal goals with our goal-setting coaching and classes.
  • Teach your employees or students to effectively incorporate virtues into their work with our classes.
  • Strengthen your business plan with our courses and group coaching sessions
  • Guide your employees to achieve their goals with our goal-setting classes and group coaching.

Lee Watson

With a passion for adventure, Lee has dedicated the past 40 years to founding and growing several companies. His business ventures have spanned construction, real estate, property management, and technology. He has also acted as an adviser in various capacities, consulting with housing municipalities, serving on non-profit and community boards, and assisting entrepreneurs and small-business owners. As an airplane pilot, scuba diver, motorcycle racer, Merchant Marine Sailboat Captain, musician, traveler, and an active participant in life, he has experienced many cultures, amazing beauty, and heartbreaking world abuses of people and nature. These experiences have led him to focus his life and career on helping others along their own journeys. Lee’s current ventures focus on applying the virtues to business. Lee holds and MBA from Purdue University Northwest, as well as other degrees and certifications. He is currently pursuing certification as a facilitator of the Virtues Project.

Miranda Morley

Miranda is a poet, former professor, and personal branding expert who spent 10 years teaching classes, directing programs, and conducting research in higher education while managing a small copywriting business as a side-gig. Although she specialized in small-business journalism, Miranda’s company was hired by a startup resume-writing organization. She quickly realized she had an affinity and passion for resume writing and career coaching and pivoted both her academic writing and small business to focus on personal branding. In 2019, Miranda left the classroom to focus on career coaching and development. She is a single parent of 3 performing arts kids who can sometimes be persuaded on stage herself. Miranda holds an MA in English and a BA in Political Science, International Relations, and English. She is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).