Business Beyond Numbers

Your next life adventure is waiting for you. Grab it and hang on!


We guide businesses, professionals, soloprenuers, and others to…

Develop & Achieve Goals

Improve Work / Life Balance

Work More Effectively

Create Sustainable Business Plans

Tell their Stories

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Advising & Strategy

  • Achieve a better quality of life by learning to balance your professional success with your interests, hobbies, and sense of adventure
  • Improve the quality of your work and service to others by learning to incorporate virtues into your business, profession, and personal life
  • Achieve both business / professional and spiritual fulfillment by learning how to alter your lifestyle
  • Make a bigger impact on your community and world while achieving business success by altering your goals and operations

Planning & Storytelling

  • Bolster your business success and your quality of life by working with us to create a business plan that considers both business feasibility and how turning your idea into your business will impact your life and the lives of others.
  • Gain funding and a better sense of direction with our custom busines splans or business plan coaching.
  • Help others to understand your brand by telling your story with our branding advising and support.
  • Develop a supportive and strategic relationship between your business and personal brands.
  • Let us refer you to trusted professionals and pro-team members for specialized work.

Education & Learning

  • Achieve your business, professional, and personal goals with our goal-setting coaching and classes.
  • Teach your employees or students to effectively incorporate virtues into their work with our classes.
  • Strengthen your business plan with our courses and group coaching sessions
  • Guide your employees to achieve their goals with our goal-setting classes and group coaching.


From guiding me to improve my business to helping me with my finances to mentoring me on how to have difficult conversations, Lee has shared his wisdom and time. When you look at how far I’ve come, you will know how skilled he is.

Miranda Morley