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The Importance of the Breath

Learn how breathing can be utilized to improve your health and wellness naturally!
You might be wondering, why join a class about breathing when we breathe naturally everyday? Breathing is something that we do so automatically that many people, especially in the western hemisphere where breathwork and meditation aren’t a core part of our culture- don’t realize that they are in fact breathing incorrectly! Believe it or not, the way that we breathe has a huge impact on how we are feeling, both physically and mentally. How we breathe can be a major contributing factor to things such as anxiety, depression, how we sleep, the efficiency of our digestion and more.
Join Angie, a Reiki Master Teacher and certified meditation and yoga instructor as she discusses the importance of the breath and how breathing can be utilized to improve your health and wellness in one of the most natural of ways!

Mommy and Me Hello Kitty Cupcake Making and Decorating

This is an adult and child event limited to 3 couples. Leave with 12 hello kitty cupcakes baked by you, a hello kitty apron and oven mitt.
Come join this class with someone special. We love Hello Kitty and if you do too, this class is for you! Great learn to bake and decorate class for those 10 yrs. old or younger with adult supervision. Make this a Mommy and Me event!
This event is sponsored by Business Beyond Numbers’ Microspaces initiative. A Microspace is a public or private space that is not in use but is easily usable. For example, our pilot Microspace is comprised of four walls in a small cafe/crafting space. A Microspace might be unused office space, a room in a church used only once per week, a dining room in a bar that hasn’t been opened due to short staffing, a shop’s unused storage room, or a 4 seasons room of a private home. Feel free to use your imagination! Tickets are $30.

Women’s Spa Day and Holistic Health Fair

Join us on Saturday, August 26th from 10am-4pm for our Women’s Spa Day and Holistic Health Fair! Some of the products/services that will be offered are; Reiki Energy Healing, Ion Detox Foot Baths, Facials, Nails, Jewelry and more! Plus, free samples! You don’t want to miss this!

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It is especially beneficial for those with limited mobility or who prefer to practice yoga in a seated position.

During this in-person event, our experienced instructor will guide you through a series of gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. You’ll learn to improve your posture, increase flexibility, and find inner peace.

No previous yoga experience is necessary. All you need is a comfortable chair and an open mind! So come join us for Chair Yoga and discover the many benefits it can bring to your body and mind.

Beginner Crochet with Jennifer

In this beginner class Jennifer will teach the basics of crochet and you will make a dish cloth similar to the one shown.
Jennifer will show you how to start the project with printed instructions and personal guidance.
You will be able to take all the time needed to complete the project at your own pace. Returning students can attend the next session for only $10.00.
If you find you like crocheting, we may offer on-going projects all at the beginner level, and progress as you progress. Tickets are $15

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