Faith that our possibilities will manifest into real things is the basis for Idealism

Idealists imagine a world that is beautiful, complete, and satisfying. When we dream about what could be, we usually tap into our own passions, skills, and desires to craft a mental scene. We embellish our scene with colors, textures, tastes, sounds, and smells that are pleasing to our senses and the more detail we utilize, the more complete our dreams become. 

Let’s consider examples of personal and business goals using our dreams to visualize the end product.


I dream of attracting one good friend in the next month. What is a good friend? Someone who I can meet or talk to from time to time. Someone who seems to care about developing friendships. A person of substance or willingness to develop. This is not someone that I already know, but someone that I am going to attract to me. I think about the characteristics of this person. It will be a joyful and successful person in my age range or younger with likes and dislikes that may be different from my own. Open-mindedness is important and my friend must have the ability to communicate effectively or be willing to learn and improve this and other skills. There should be some compatibility in hobbies or social activities. There is no expectation of anything other than simple friendship. 

 think about these qualities, and a picture of a person develops. Interestingly, since physical characteristics are not on my list, the face, condition, and color is ever-changing and fluid. I hold and develop this picture with the hope that over time, the person will materialize. This is another ideal friend in development.


I dream of creating a business that is self-sustaining, legacy-building, fun, and truly satisfying in every way. I start by noting all of my gifts, talents, and abilities, and add to all that my hopes and dreams. I go through the list of the things that I can do and pay attention to the things that jump out at me as things that I really want to do. I imagine a service to people that brings hope and joy to their lives. I see smiles on the faces of those that I have served well. We are all learning together as we reach and surpass our goals. When I am in this state, I choose not to think about the mechanics of business building, knowing that these details will be handled completely and gracefully and the business develops. 

Great lives and businesses begin with idealism as we think and dream about what could be without reservation or scrutiny. We think big, dream big, and allow the details to follow as they will knowing that the really important work begins in our minds.

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